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BORO MEDINA - 25 Aug 2014

Refugees complain of shortages of medicines in Boro Medina camp

Sudanese refugees at Boro Medina in Western Bahr el Ghazal State say they face medicines shortages and lack of medical services more generally.

Sheikh Abdul-Rahim Daud told Radio Tamazuj that they have no medicines in their health clinic and there is a high risk of malaria at the camp.

He said when any of the refugees visited the clinic for medication they are told there are no medicines in the pharmacy and the doctors direct them to the privately owned drug shops to buy medicine.

“We don’t know whether it is a malaria outbreak or other diseases in the camp – you find every child vomiting and having diarrhea seriously, maybe it could be too much mosquitos that caused such symptoms,” the sheikh stated.

He stressed that people are just sleeping in the houses without mosquito nets and this could be the problem, since malaria is common among children and the elderly.

The sheikh said they are tired of always buying medicines from the drug shops and said they needed to be assisted by international NGOs or others.

The refugee leader also claimed that that there are no teachers in the schools and their children are staying without studying.

He mentioned there were teachers until 2013 but because they were not paid well they decided to look for better paid jobs

Health officials could not be immediately reached to comment on the reported medicines shortage at the refugee camp.

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