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TORIT - 5 Mar 2018

Rebel officers joined government in lmatong: official

Rebel officers loyal to the country’s former first vice president turned rebel leader Riek Machar have defected and joined the government in Imatong state, a top government official said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Friday, Imatong  governor Tobolio Alberio Oromo said eight SPLA-IO officers led by Brigadier General Joseph Igga joined the government.

Alberto said, “Brig. Gen. Joseph Igga confirmed that another group consisting of 20 officers and soldiers are on their way to Imatong.”

For his part, SPLA-IO military spokesman William Gatjieth  said Joseph Igga defected from the SPLA-IO faction since 2017 and had announced his loyalty to the opposition National Salvation Front of Thomas Cirillo.