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YEI - 15 Feb 2018

Rate of HIV/AIDS on the rise in Yei: Health official

Yei State HIV/AIDs commission official says the rate of new infections is on the rise in Yei saying they record more than 40 new cases monthly most of whom are men.

The commission’s focal person at Yei Civil Hospital Chaplain Yuga told Radio Tamazuj that his office is recording higher numbers of new cases. He said 2,660 patients have been enrolled for antiretroviral ARV treatment at the hospital.

“We record about 40 new HIV patients per month and majority of them are men. The rate is high among men because they are presented to the wards for treatment at acute conditions. We encourage everybody to go for free testing so that you know your status,” he advised.

Yuga attributed the rising cases to fear for HIV testing, polygamous marriages, and rampant adultery.

He urged the public to go for voluntary counseling and testing to know their status and observe abstinence, faithfulness, consistent and correct use of condoms and avoid sharing of sharp objects.