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BOR - 27 Feb 2018

Public river transport resumes operations in Jonglei, increases fares

Fares for commercial boats operating between Bor town and Mingkaman in Eastern Lakes have increased with the resumption of transportation last Friday.

More than a week ago, Jonglei State Boats’ Union announced that they had suspended their operations due to tax increments and alleged harassment by some government officials.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, Elijah Thongbor, the union’s secretary general said they resumed operations last Friday but increased the fares to 1,500 SSP from 1,000 SSP due to high fuel prices.

“Now one jerry cane (20litres) of diesel costs more than 5,000 SSPs and one trip needs three jerry cans. So we increased the fare so that we meet the cost incurred. But the main problem is the cost of the dollar that has gone high, increasing the cost of fuel. When the cost of fuel goes down, we will reduce the fares,” he said.

Thongbor pointed out that the town authorities have promised to handle their grievances adding that the head of the Boat’s Union who was arrested for signing a declaration that they would not pay government taxes was released but the case is still in court.