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Juba City - 11 Nov 2021

‘Prophet’ Abraham Chol sick in prison, followers appeal for his release

Abraham Chol behind bars. File photo.
Abraham Chol behind bars. File photo.

The followers of the self-styled ‘Prophet’ Abraham Chol Maketh of Cush International Church have appealed to the government to release him saying his health has deteriorated in Juba Central Prison where he is being held on remand pending trial. 

Chol was arrested in July after uttering statements to the effect that President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar would be kicked out of office by or on Independence Day 9 July 2021.

On 8 July 2021, a public prosecution attorney issued an arrest warrant for Chol and instructed the Northern Division of the police to apprehend and charge him for offenses under sections 201/202/66/74/7 of the South Sudan Penal Code. The quoted sections deal with subverting a constitutional government, abuse of religious beliefs, and causing disaffection among armed forces among others. 

Jacob Yaba who subscribes to Chol’s church said they have been to the prison severally but have been denied access to ‘Prophet’ Abraham chol and yet his health continues to worsen. 

“We the followers of Abraham Chol would like the government to release him from the prison because his situation is worsening,” Yaba implored. “We have been going there to check on him but we are always denied from talking to him.” 

For her part, the women representative of Kush International Church, Tereza Ajak, said the government should have mercy and release the outspoken Chol so that he can be taken for treatment. 

“If he stays there, it is not good. He also does the work of God, he prays for this country,” Ajak said. “If he did something wrong, God in heaven forgives, so why don’t you forgive him? This is from my heart, if you have love in your hearts, release this person so that we take him to the hospital.” 

Police spokesman Gen. Daniel Justin however said Chol’s followers should not worry as the churchman is being attended to by the medical team in the Juba Central Prison.

He said Chol has not been arraigned in court because he is not well. 

“During that time we suspected that he may be having a problem and that is why he was taken to the medical team to examine him because it was his right” Gen. Justin explained. “If he is not good health-wise, he will not defend himself. We want him to get stable so that he can be presented before the court.”

At the end of July, Gen. Justin revealed that the outspoken and controversial self-styled ‘Prophet’ Abraham Chol’s arraignment in court had been delayed because the churchman resisted doctors who were to evaluate his mental status. 

“Abraham Chol is still under interrogation and the case has not been forwarded to the court because we wanted to look into his mental status. He has been presented to the Medical Commission so that they can certify his mental status before he could be taken to the court,” Gen. Justin explained then. “He resisted the doctors at the hospital when he was supposed to be examined. And after that, we will also hear from the office of the public prosecutor about which procedures should be taken against him.”