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KADUGLI - 20 Nov 2012

Prices of goods rise in Kadugli, S. Kordofan

A number of citizens in Kadugli complained of increase in the price of the local commodities and the basic necessities in the town market, as well as the absence of some items altogether. 

Radio Tamazuj learnt from a source in Kadugli that the price of a quarter kilo of sorghum has reached 12 pounds, the price of a kilo of sugar rose from 2 pounds to 3  pounds and a quarter kilo of cow meat has increased from 5 to 8  pounds, and one of sheep increased to 10 pounds.

He also mentioned that it is extremely difficult to get fuel in the town. For somebody to get one gallon of diesel one needs approval from the security organs and is investigated on how one is going to use the fuel.