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WHITE NILE - 31 Dec 2013

Prices in White Nile rise, authorities impose trade blockade

A number of citizens from southern White Nile state have complained of high prices in the markets and deteriorating living conditions.

They told Radio Tamazuj that many families from the villages of El-Naeim, Umajalala and Daba-Altoor are struggling to buy food commodities and petroleum in the local markets.

A sack of millet flour (about 50 kg) costs 140 South Sudanese Pounds, a sack of sugar is 280 pounds, cooking oil costs 200 pounds per jerry can and the costs for one barrel of diesel have risen to 650 pounds.

According to these sources the reason for the high prices is the trade blockade imposed by the state authorities of White Nile.

Traders in the area confirmed to Radio Tamazuj that authorities did not allow any movement of food commodities, petroleum or building materials without an official ratification from the security offices in El Salam. The traders called on the authorities to let goods move freely through White Nile.