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ABU ZABAD - 19 Nov 2013

Police arbitrarily arrests citizens in Abu Zabad, North Kordofan

The Sudanese government reportedly launched a massive arrest campaign against citizens in the area of Abu Zabad, North Kordofan, following fierce fighting between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in the area.

According to multiple sources, several local residents have been arrested by the police on charges of spying for the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF - an alliance of armed rebel groups, including JEM, and opposition parties).

The authorities accused the people arrested of supporting the rebel group, calling them “traitors, agents, and rogues”. They also issued instructions banning the wearing of military uniforms in the area. Disarmament is to be carried out across the entire locality of Abu Zabad in the coming few days.

JEM had swept the Abu Zabad locality over the last two days, amid reports of heavy losses of lives and properties on both JEM and SAF sides.     

File photo: Artillery SPLA-N near Kauda (Nuba Reports)


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