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KAPOETA - 6 Dec 2017

Poacher arrested for killing antelopes in Kapoeta

Wildlife authorties in Kapoeta state on Tuesday arrested a poacher and slain antelopes were seized from him in the town.

Luka Anthony, a Wildlife officer in Kapoeta town, said their forces managed to arrest a poacher while carrying two antelopes on his motorbike on his way from the bush to Kapoeta town. He identified the poacher as William Balikomba who is a former soldier.

Luka expressed concern over the killing of wildlife, while urging the people of Kapoeta to protect animals from poachers. “Kapoeta State ministry of local government and law enforcement will cooperate with the people of Kapoeta state to eliminate these illegal acts,” he said.

The official pointed out that his institution was planning to create awareness among communities on the importance of wildlife.

For his part, the poacher who identified as William Balikomba, said lack of food for his family forced him to go to the bush to kill antelopes.