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MALAKAL - 3 Jan 2014

Photos: Civilians struggle to cope in Malakal

Civilians in the capital of Upper Nile state suffered massive displacement during the shock of last week’s fighting and now live without adequate health care or water, aid agencies say.

The situation in Malakal, as described on Wednesday by the UN humanitarian coordination agency, was “calm but unpredictable, with large parts of the town deserted following clashes last week.”

Malakal’s civil hospital has been overwhelmed since the start of the crisis, and mobile health clinics being prepared by NGOs are not going to be ready until next week.

OCHA reported that “hygiene needs remain high” in the city and another water source is needed inside the camp sheltering thousands of people. Food distributions have begun, on the other hand, with over 5,000 people reached so far.

Toby Lanzer, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, stated today, “Aid agencies are scaling up their work, especially in towns most heavily struck by violence and in rural sites to which civilians have fled in order to seek safety.”

“We call on all parties to facilitate aid agencies’ access to civilians, and to protect and respect humanitarian activities, workers, and property at all times,” he added.

The photos in the gallery below were taken on 31 December 2013.