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MALAKAL - 6 Feb 2018

Peace conference organized in Malakal town

An inter-ethnic peace and reconciliation conference took place on Monday among communities in Central Upper Nile aimed at reconciling communities of Malakal after war has affected them.

The Head of the Reconciliation and Peace Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Malakal, Pastor Akec Dar Aluel said the conference is meant to reconcile communities in Malakal after they were divided when war broke out in 2013.

"We held the conference to send a clear message to all that Malakal has a peaceful coexistence despite the war and the participants from the Dinka, Shilluk and Nuer communities were all here," Aluel explained.

The religious leader called on young people and leaders to renounce tribalism and work for the unity of all in the state.

He said more than 100 participants including civil leaders, women and youth attended the conference.