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WARRAP STATE - 17 Oct 2016

Patients beat up health worker in Apuk East after being told of drugs shortage

A health worker is reported to have been beaten up by patients who protested a shortage of drugs in the centre before local authorities arrived to contain the situation, a local source in the area has told Radio Tamazuj on Friday morning.

The incident occurred last week at Liet Nhom health in Apuk East County of Gogrial State. There was no damage reported to the health facility itself.

“You know people are frustrated with drugs shortage in government health centres. Sick people are always given prescriptions and asked to go and buy medicines in pharmacies and this has angered some of patients who assaulted a health worker because they were complaining why they have been sent to pharmacies instead of being given drugs in the facility. This commotion took place but no one was [seriously] hurt,” said the source.

Meanwhile, County Commissioner of Apuk East Daniel Anyuon Chan confirmed the incident, but says it was just a misunderstanding between a patient and a health worker.

“Yes it is true a health worker had a small misunderstanding with one patient but it is just a minor issue and we have handled it. It was just a small misunderstanding. You know our people don’t understand when they are told that there are no medicines in the hospitals. They accused those who are working there of taking medicines to their pharmacies or sell them away,” Anyuon said when asked what prompted patients to attack a worker.

He said the shortage of drugs has been reported to the ministry of health in Kwajok so that it look into the matter and discuss it with health partners who support hospitals.

Anyuon warned the community from any further assaults on health workers saying that members of the community should learn how to forward their concerns to right institutions rather than resorting to fighting. 

Radio Tamazuj was unable to reach health workers at Liet Nhom for comments.