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KHARTOUM - 30 Dec 2014

Parliamentarian demands ‘real share of petrol’ for West Kordofan

A leader of the Misseriya tribe and member of the Sudanese National Assembly threatened to withdraw from the parliament in case West Kordofan State is not allotted its “real share of the petrol revenues.”

During a debate on the 2014 budget in the Sudanese parliament on Sunday, the Misseriya leader, Hassan Subahi, accused the government of unfairly dealing with West Kordofan State and its people.

Subahi addressed the chairperson of the parliament by saying “Better to listen to us and give us our entitlements. If not, we will leave the parliament.”

“You have sacrificed the people in West Kordofan and made them a scapegoat before the peace agreement and after it. The state is entirely devoid of any development, although it is one of the largest oil producing states in Sudan.” The parliament member warned that the injustice done to the state may lead to rebellion.

The parliament chairperson, El Fateh Izzeldin, promised to support Subahi’s demands.

(Source: El Sudani daily newspaper)

File photo: Misseriya girl herding cows in West Kordofan (