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CUEIBET - 11 Sep 2018

Panawur and Panaguong communities sign peace in Gok state

Photos: UNMISS/Isaac Billy
Photos: UNMISS/Isaac Billy

The Panawur and Panaguong sections of Duony County in Gok state have signed an agreement committing themselves to ceasing hostilities, bringing an end to 15 years of attacks and revenge killings. 

The agreement was endorsed last Thursday by community leaders, county and state authorities and witnessed by a large audience in Cueibet town.

The peace dialogue between the Panawur and Panaguong began late last year with support from the Civil Affairs Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, which assured those in attendance that the entire UN family will continue to support local communities both in terms of peace and security and with service delivery.

Kongor Deng Kongor, Deputy Governor in Gok, said peace will enable service delivery in the previously conflict-ridden areas, before hailing the power of communal love.