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TORIT - 5 Oct 2018

Organized forces in Torit vow to uphold human rights principles

UNMISS photo
UNMISS photo

Members of the organized forces in Torit have pledged to promote human rights to fulfill their responsibility of protecting and serving their local communities.

This comes during a two-day workshop organized by the United Nations Police (UNPOL) with a focus on human rights and democratic policing.

“With the signing of the peace process, it is really very important to make the entire organized forces understand human right issues, the relationship between the entire organized forces, and how they can cooperate with the civil authority on the ground,” said Torit State Police Commissioner, Brigadier Khamis Musika Morjan.

Khamis also emphasized the importance of incorporating the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the security organs, in order to build trust and confidence with the local population.

Disarming and demobilizing child soldiers caught up in the country’s civil war was at the center of discussions on human rights and child protection during the workshop.

The relationship between organized forces and the local population has already come a long way, from a period where there was severe mistrust and apprehension between them. As the relationship continues to thaw, civilians are urging police officers and soldiers alike to align their actions with the revitalized peace agreement.

“The peace [deal] that was signed is the beginning of our freedom. The past has gone, here comes the new. We civilians here are happy with the peace and we are asking our soldiers to protect our people who are returning back home,” said Clemente Lokwar Peter, Community Member in Tutumore Boma.