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By Mogga Loyo - 13 Aug 2018

Opinion: The tears for democracy

Southern Sudan was a region in Africa that had been envisioned to become the New Sudan within the Republic of the Sudan. The Sudanese by then who were in the government of the Sudan thought that they need to liberate the country from bondage of vices which was worth forming guerilla struggle.

The Sudanese people were never divided, however there were colors in the system of governance that determine who will be where, how, by whom and with whom at that specific time. Indeed this affected the level of patriotism amongst the so called Sudanese who had feelings of liberating the Southern region from the burden of vices that every day they faced and experienced.

 This was painful; it made many Sudanese develop feelings for liberation from all the burden of suffering. Therefore as South Sudanese thoughts of a step to take course for change they realized that the best thing to do was to start a revolution. In many cases the south Sudanese started different movements, those who felt there was a need to join the course joined the first was the Torit Mutiny of 1955 where southern dominated forces attempted mutiny in Torit against the ruling government.

This was the first step for South Sudanese in calling for action against unfair system of government. However it failed, they were neglected. This made start a true revolutionary movement called Anyanya. Anyanya means snake venom, this was the first struggle group that was organized and even had a vision to fight against the unfair systems that oppressed and suppressed south Sudanese referred to by that time as Junubini wu kadamat ta Nina and how will the ones suppressing and oppressing call Junubini today be named? The cause for the formation of the liberation movement Anyanya was to find a solution for the unfair treatment of the Arab dominated government.

 The Arabs exploited the South Sudanese in different ways; they gave them last jobs at the ministries as well as house wives position at the higher caliber this as well is happening today just imagine giving a graduate a house wife position!!! This emotional demotivated the Black South Sudanese.

The hope for true sight for change is not yet reflected in the current systems of the breed that felt that they were change actors that was to manifest transformation of the past system that impeded progress in nation building. Instead now most of the people who applauded them to continue with struggle for change are now in tears that make them have nothing but no feelings for nationalism, patriotism even the heart to be called citizen is fading every day.

What a regret to support a liberation that will bring sadness instead of joyousness for the people who sacrificed all their time, money even resources for vision that was to set them free from all the burdens of suffering in the country they were looking forward to have never anticipated oppressions neither suppression of a true brothers but found themselves in oppressors and suppressors of their own sons, brothers as well as fathers who claimed liberators during the time of labelling the colored as bad people yet were planning to wear same sizes of shoes to suppression and oppress with uniqueness with better modification of vices that were practiced.

 It is really unfortunate that those who claimed liberators for those who never thought of liberation are now exploiting those who supported the spirit of liberation. South Sudanese who are living an over sight believe that they are close to spirits that even no body questions in terms of mistakes. The South Sudanese who have truly participated in the liberation struggle died without realizing the fruit of liberation and with witnessing the aftermath of the struggle. What will happen if they resurrected today since most thought that they were liberating a country that would favor all South Sudanese. This was the beginning of democracy! If dead liberators died with thoughts of liberating the people unconditional then it was the basis of democracy.

 How many liberators were paid for joining liberation before independence? None however people joined to set their own people from bondage of slavery and exploitation. How many have in mind that change today would happen amongst the liberators who talk pluralistic ,I mean being nationalistic in all that they say to their followers as well as actors that supported them. South Sudanese truly will have everlasting tears in demand of democracy now we have a new breed of politico’s.

The ethno politics have set in to totally dismiss initials of democracy from thoughts of those who feels it would be fine for change to come through free expression of one’s self however how many thinks it is going to happen if from the beginning of the peace processes other aspects that could contribute to democracy would happen yet it didn’t take place. South Sudanese who have claimed leadership today are sources of failure to the new nation. Who will clean the tears of the South Sudanese mourning for democracy today, tomorrow and next tomorrow? This question we need to always ask ourselves.

Are we contented with the current systems that are championing national leadership in the country? Let us start thinking on way forward and how best we can all use our hands and palms to wipe tears for democracy to set in , that will enhance harmony amongst the different tribes in South Sudan. We have the heart to sacrifice, South Sudanese amongst all the suffering threats from the Arabs managed to rebel against them and at last we are free and we have our nation we are acknowledged and respected for all the success and commitment we made to have our independent nation.

What makes us afraid to call for change at the current state? We have lost sense of direction at the moment in terms of acquiring the objective of transformation of the country to democratic nation. This makes many people shade tears, let’s not shade tears lets stand as one to forge way forward for change just imagine when southerners were still struggling to liberate the country I believe they would not perfect national figures trust me people, trust me fellow citizens how many people believed that the South Sudanese who were change would make good leaders? From some sights I believe they saw that looters, rapist, killers and so forth could never be good leaders this actually set more tears on the South Sudanese they claimed they were liberating.

South Sudanese it is high time you know that change doesn’t come conditional change is unconditional. Leaders striving for change never believe in destruction therefore it is time that we can transform this nation join people who are thinking nobly and have feelings to totally transform the nation. Tears for change can only be acknowledged when those who shade them feels that they are part for the change though living away from the sight for change.

We need to emphasis togetherness if we South Sudanese would want to have a New Sudan I believe we have never reached the vision of New Sudan we are just half to the vision however the closest we have achieved at the moment is Tribal South Sudan, corrupt South Sudan, illiterate South Sudan, poor South Sudan and conflict South Sudan for all these to change let us develop mechanism that will bring global solution to at least harmonizing the negatives as well strengthen feelings of patriotism and nationalism and tears for democracy would be wiped by acknowledging democracy as well as transforming all the vices facing the country.

 The most important is let us eliminate the attributes of tribalism however if we don’t eliminate we have no hope for free South Sudan , South Sudanese let us stand out never fear the vices that affect you otherwise we are going to have more of worse suppression and oppression from the so called leaders who claim tribal allies, We have the potential our greatest enemy is fear let’s do away with it and we shall realize the fruits for tears for democracy will set in soon as we drop our greatest enemy which is fear from those in the system who always have unpredictable lifespan as those threatened.

 Let’s all struggle for the change we feel is for all since all the citizens deserve the right to justice, equality, freedom, development and so forth .we need to shade more tears lets us strive for total change that accommodates all in the nation .We should ensure that we work towards healing the wounds left from 1955 Mutiny to December 15th 2013.

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