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By Pal Chol Nyan - 2 Nov 2018

Opinion: Embrace peace and support President Kiir and the opposition

Where are those who lied last time that the man they wanted dead will never set foot here? Hasn't the President proved you all wrong and caught you with your pants down? These cowards have betrayed the President for so long and abused his kindness thinking that he does not know.

The President is committed to implement this agreement in letter and spirit together with the co-signatories as elucidated by his facial expressions during his keynote speech.
My message to those enslaved by their insatiable lust for wealth is that, believe in your bloody money; we will own our peace and let us meet during the election or otherwise.

Thank you Mr. President for bringing peace back to South Sudan. Peace is paramount and it is what we have yearned for. The spoilers at work covertly will never be allowed to play with it. South Sudanese will not permit your effort for peace to be frustrated by dark forces and war traders.

Thank you for releasing James Gatdet. I hope you will also forgive the rest who were casualties of their political choosing. The stability of this country lies in your coming together with your brother Dr Riek and I believe it is time to walk the talk. The gossipers and court jesters whose aim is wealth should keep away this time.

This peace will never be spoiled for cheaper gains. They dry up government coffers to achieve their ill motives and they use the money stolen to confront you with the international community. They have no country at heart. They keep on telling us Rome wasn't built in a day. They fail to discern that we know they build their own mansions and villas in hours using public funds they have misappropriated with impunity.

 They went as far as trying to bribe people with the money they stole from the same resources intended for development and salaries. You have shown a true fatherhood by releasing James Gatdet. You have listened to the call of the people. We have been preaching that if you were left to work without being backstabbed by the same people you appointed with your signature, South Sudan would have now been half way close to the region development wise. The people need services.

They need to be catered for. They need to be compensated for the pain inflicted and the destruction caused. I am appealing to your Excellency to also consider forgiving others like Peter Biar and some of his inmates including the guy who tried the impossible last time in the Blue House. There is nothing that you have not seen or experienced; good or bad and you have been coping with both wisely. Having followed your coherent speech, it was from the bottom of your heart when you said peace has come.

 I was impressed when you solemnly declared the war in South Sudan has come to an end. I hope the guns will go silent once and for all. You brother and would-be First Deputy Dr Machar and other members of the opposition have willingly displayed their commitment to peace and its implementation.

The security organs did extremely well by maintaining law and order during the celebration which made it more colorful. They should continue with that spirit and even to keep an eagle's eye on the anti-peace elements that are lying low but working behind the curtain to ensure peace does not hold.

 No sooner had President Bashir signed the CPA in 2005, than he called the NCP leadership office and members of his government. He told them bluntly that" I have decided to end the war in Southern Sudan by signing the deal ".Those who do not want it should raise their hands. The Islamic fanatics raised their hands and he told them “Thank you!. He instructed his Finance Minister to give them their gratuities and wished them well provided that they should not conspire; for it would have disastrous consequences.
Those who do not want this peace should not flatter you. Let them resign before it is too late. They are your friends during the day but at night they do the opposite. Let us speak out. We should not hide our feelings. It was because there was no trust that the 2015 ARCISS collapsed in that deadly way.

 South Sudanese gathered at Dr John Garang's Mausoleum only for peace which they want to see implemented so that life will get back to normalcy. Let their hopes be kept alive and not dashed. I appeal to your government and particularly your good self to reach out to the holdout groups to come on board.

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