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KAPOETA SOUTH - 10 Jun 2021

Kapoeta South: Officials investigate murder of 3 children

Authorities in Kapoeta South County of Eastern Equatoria State say they are investigating the killing of three children in the Machi Two area on Monday.

They say a group of unknown gunmen stormed the area and killed the three children, two girls and a boy aged between eight and 15.

Greater Kapoeta Secretary-General David Eriga told Radio Tamazuj that the security personnel in the county and the chiefs are investigating the incident and will apprehend the criminals.

“We are going to trace these people, the community is following the footmarks. Well, those are unknown criminals but known to be Buya," he claimed.

Kapoeta East County Commissioner Abdallah Lokeno condemned the killings and called on the people of Greater Kapoeta to live in peace.

“We want all people to unite, unity between Didinga and Toposa, unity between Buya and Toposa, unity with Turkana to allow the opening of roads for people to move and do business. Business people from Toposa take their goats to Torit, take their goats to Juba and Didinga to take their goats and cows, and bring tobacco from the mountains. This way, people will love themselves. Let us leave the issue of killing, let us leave the issue of revenge,” he urged. 

Meanwhile, a youth activist Namwang Stephen Karlo also condemned the killings saying children should not be targeted in any form of conflict. He urged the youth to refrain from violence and called on the communities to support security agents apprehend the perpetrators.

On April 21, 2021, two young boys who were herding were brutally murdered by unknown gunmen in the Narekede, Namurunyang area of Kapoeta South County.