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New refugees in north-east Nuba Mountains

A new influx of displaced people began toward Abbasiya Tagali from other parts of the countryside after the escalation of military operations in the surroundings of Abbasiya Tagali and Rashad areas.

Witnesses said that hundreds of families arrived to Abbasiya Tagali after the escalation of military operations in the surroundings. Fierce fighting was reported between government forces and the SPLA-N south of Abbasiya.

Displaced people arrived from the villages Wad al- Jil, al-Nagra, Bant, Singhafora, Katraya Omar, and Wad al-Badri. Most of the displaced were women and children, as well as farmers who fled their lands to escape the fighting, to the mountainous area near Abbasiya Tagali due to repeated attacks which have affected them, according to the eyewitnesses.