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JUBA - 11 Jan 2021

NDM spokesperson resigns

Photo: David Lawrence Lual
Photo: David Lawrence Lual

The chairperson of the communication committee and spokesperson for the National Democratic Movement, led by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, resigned from the movement on Sunday.

David Lawrence Lual joined the National Democratic Movement in 2017 and has since served in the two positions. 

"This letter serves to notify the entire leadership of National Democratic Movement (NDM) as well as all the actors in South Sudan’s political arena and the public at large that I David Lawrence Lual; member of NEC and NLC, Chairperson of Communication Committee and the Official Spokesperson of NDM have resolved to officially resign from the Movement effective from today 10 /02/2021," reads part of a statement he extended to Radio Tamazuj.

He faulted the party's leadership as 'bad' saying many party members have been pushed out of the political outfit because of the bad leadership.

"Though NDM has well-structured organs its leadership style is the worst. It is characterized by all sorts of bad leadership practices; a conspiracy against members, negligence and sidelining of some members, vagueness in the flow of organizational responsibilities, and overriding of duties assigned to organs," Lawrence claimed.

He continued, "I did not wish to be part of a political organization whose leadership concocts lies and conspires against its own members to force them out of the movement just to serve some individuals’ interests. Strong cadres like Amb. Emmanuel Ajawin, Dr. Pasquale Otwel, David William Tut, Angelo Michael Wanth, Dr. Salam Alhaj, Juma Zachariah, Lydia Nhial, Molana Mut Turuk, Molana Chenjwok Oman, Gen. Rajab Nyagon, Gen., Nicodemus Deng, and many others were all forced out of the NDM due to bad leadership practices."

Lawrence in his letter highlighted that the party's leadership contradicts its vision which is based on good values.

He insisted that he is committed to the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan and has pledged to continue to work for peace and political stability in the country.