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JUBA - 3 Apr 2018

Mystery surrounds Kiir-former detainees closed-door meeting in Juba

Members of the former political detainees’ group in Juba have not disclosed what was discussed in a closed-door meeting recently with President Kiir in Juba.

Kiir held the meeting with the country’s transport minister John Luk Jok and MP Madut Biar Yel in absence of their leader Deng Alor.

Foreign Minister Deng Alor has been outside the country since the second phase of the revitalization forum was suspended on February 16.Deng said recently that he was being humiliated by Kiir since he started to serve in the unity government.

Kiir’s official spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told Radio Tamazuj today the recent meeting with the only remaining two members of former detainees in Juba was being held behind closed doors.

“The former detainees have not disclosed what they discussed with Kiir to the media, so there is nothing I can say at this stage” Ateny said.

“The meeting had no more details. Their meeting with the president lasted for four hours, but no details until now,” he added.

When asked about the absence of the country’s foreign minister for more than a month, Ateny said,” I cannot comment on the issue of Deng Alor because he has been away without permission from the president.”

He pointed out that President Salva Kiir has powers to replace any official in the unity government according to provisions of the 2015 peace accord.

“Deng can be removed by the president if the former detainees recommend that Deng Alor should be sacked and replaced with another person from the group,” he said.

But the spokesman of the former detainees’ group Kosti Manibe said attempts to remove Former Minister Deng Alor from his position in Juba are unacceptable.

He revealed that the closed-door meeting between Kiir and the only remaining two members of the former detainees group also discussed the issue of Deng Alor.