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JUBA - By Yobu Annet - 16 May 2013

MPs condemn rape and killing of child in Juba

Several members of South Sudan's parliament have condemned the rape of a ten year old girl who later died in Juba Teaching Hospital on Tuesday and criticized law enforcement for failing to protect women’s rights.

When it comes to issues pertaining to violation of women’s rights the laws are never implemented, said one critical lawmaker. “The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement did not liberate the nation to hand women over to rapists, but to set people free,” said Hon. Moses Idoru Nyama, who represents Yei town constituency.

He was speaking during the handover of a petition by women reacting to the defilement and strangling of the ten year old girl in Munuki neighbourhood of Juba, who later passed away on Tuesday morning in Juba Teaching Hospital.

Another child, reportedly still essentially an infant, was also admitted to the same hospital after being defiled by a neighbour. Meanwhile, another case of a fourteen year old girl who was defiled by a neighbour early this year still lies in the court.

Women parliamentarians, lawyers and the civil society have decided to go public and demonstrate over the many cases of rape and defilement in the country. Hon. Joy Kwaje reiterated that rape is an inhuman act of complete violence against women and therefore all women must come up to peacefully demonstrate so that the whole world knows that women have condemned this act.

Hon. Idoru further stressed that although the laws are passed, the executive wing of the government is not doing its work effectively and particularly the Ministry of Justice: “We want to condemn this ministry and if possible the leadership should look into the issue of justice in the nation.”

Hon. Richard Mulla representing Mundri West Constituency said that when issues of failure to implement the law come back into the parliament, then it means the executive wing has failed to exercise its powers and effectively do its duties: “Why should the parliament pass laws that are never implemented?” he asked.

“It is a shame to see the public coming to the parliament instead of going directly to pursue this matter. I think the executive has failed to perform its duties,” he said.

Hon. Remijo Representing Morobo County counted a number of incidents which happened in the past few years without the relatives of the victim being notified of the justice done. A lot of crimes are committed of this kind and yet not punished, he said.

“There are no resolutions that have been implemented satisfactorily to the will of the people by this government. Everything in South Sudan is hidden and this is condoning crime and that is why crime keeps on cropping up over and over again,” he added.

The parliamentarians have urged the police to quickly investigate into this case and bring the culprit to justice. One suspect is being held in Munuki Police Station.  

File photo: Hon. Joy Kwaje

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