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KOCH COUNTY - 23 Feb 2024

Mobile Court frees 12 prisoners in Koch County

A Mobile Court established in Koch County of South Sudan’s Unity State last month has released at least 12 prisoners.

These individuals had been referred to court after being accused of criminal offenses. The mobile court, which operates under the auspices of UNMISS, resolved these cases, leading to the dismissal of convictions and the subsequent release of the prisoners.

In recent weeks, the Mobile Court adjudicated cases involving allegations of individuals eloping with girls, resulting in the release of 12 prisoners who had been detained.

Giel Waar, the Advisor for Justice in the Unity State government, told Radio Tamazuj that these individuals, who had been held in Koch Prison for several months without release by the local court, were set free last Friday.

Waar explained, “Yes, some youths were detained at Koch Prison for several months following interrogation by a customary court because they didn’t pay the three cows demanded as restitution for eloping with a girl. The Mobile Court dismissed the cases of these 12 individuals and granted them freedom from prison.”

He further explained, “As of Friday until today, they are now free. They have the liberty to move around Koch town and the rest of the areas within Koch County, as well as other counties. If they wish to go wherever they want, they are free to do so. Following the investigation, the mobile court released them from detention without requiring them to appear in court.”