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MIRRI - 28 Aug 2012

Mirri residents in South Kordofan appeal for food

Residents of Mirri in Kadugli Locality, South Kordofan are complaining of food shortages and terrible basic services. A number of Mirri residents told Radio Tamazuj that the towns of Lima, El Haraziya, Abu Sonoon, Kanga and Mirri in the Kadugli area suffer from lack of essential services including health, education and water.

They pointed to deteriorating humanitarian conditions as more refugees move into the area from elsewhere in the state. Sources explained that there was a flow of displaced people coming from outside the administrative unit due to the fighting.

Sheikh Eldeen Ali, the director of the Mirri Administrative Unit said that residents and displaced have been living off leaves from trees since last year to satisfy their hunger. He also stated that the health and education services in the region has deteriorated, and asserted on the deteriorating humanitarian situation is affecting most of the residents of the area.

Sheikh Eldeen appealed to the concerned authorities to provide the residents and displaced people with humanitarian aid. There are no aid organizations working in the Mirri region.