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MAGWI - 11 Mar 2021

Magwi commissioner vows to fight tribalism

Magwi county commissioner during the swearing-in ceremony at Torit Freedom Square, Friday 5, March 2021. [Photo: Radio Tamazuj]
Magwi county commissioner during the swearing-in ceremony at Torit Freedom Square, Friday 5, March 2021. [Photo: Radio Tamazuj]

The newly appointed commissioner of Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria State, Otto David Remson, has vowed to fight tribalism in his jurisdiction for peace to prevail in the area.

The commissioner made the remarks on Tuesday during a ceremony to welcome him in Magwi town where hundreds of women, youth, and members of the organized forces converged on the streets. 

“I have come to work with all of you women, youth, elders, army, and everybody. I want you to know that my administration is not tribal. I will not only stand for Acholi or Madi,” Otto said. “I am going to stand for the people of South Sudan. This thing called tribe, if it is there with you, our politicians, our youth, our women, please put it down today. We are going to remain sons and daughters of Magwi County. Let us have hope, will, reconciliation, and love for one another, and let us build all the Payams.”

 He said that his administration will not tolerate segregation and tribalism and called for cooperation and reconciliation amongst the communities there. 

The state government advisor on economic affairs, German Charles Ojok, called for unity in diversity among the Acholi and Madi communities of Magwi County.

“This time let the Acholi and Madi not look at the tribe. The Madi and the Acholi are the most peaceful people. They don’t know violence, they don’t steal, and they don’t know all those bad things. So, let us pay our attention to those people who are peaceful and protect them and their properties,” Ojok said.

Ojok said there are concerns over cattle roaming in the county and causing conflict and advised the new commissioner to take up this matter with the state government. 

The youth leader in Magwi County, Ocholla Bosco, welcomed the appointment of the commissioner and expects the new government to focus on improving the roads to ease the movement of agricultural products.

“You know Magwi County is the food basket of Eastern Equatoria and other states in the Republic of South Sudan, so the first thing that we are crying for is that our roads are supposed to be repaired. When you see Magwi-Lobone and Pogee road, it is impassable during the rains. Also Owinykibul from Nimule and Amee road. These are the things we are crying for our government to respond to,” Ocholla said. 

Meanwhile, the county women leader, Achan Lily Robert, called for women empowerment to realize socio-economic development. 

“We are happy that the commissioner has come because when people stay without a leader, they can’t achieve much. We need women to prosper. He should help us in innovating new ways for us to develop our county. We also need unity of women and other things will come later,” Achan said.