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MALAKAL - 29 Mar 2013

Maban County commissioner replaced

Maban County Commissioner Juma Moti has been removed and replaced by Langan Baggari, a source close to the Upper Nile State government told Radio Tamazuj yesterday.

The source revealed that the appointment is intended to create a political balance in the county in terms of power-sharing among the communities of the county.

“He was removed in order to bring the new one so that we can balance ourselves in the five payams. These people were not representing our people in the previous time; this is why they decided to bring this person from Jinmagda payam to represent us in the government,” said the observer, who preferred to remain anonymous owing to the political sensitivity of the issue.

The observer added that the county has witnessed in the past some political conflicts among the various groups of the county, noting the failure of two previous commissioners to accommodate the interests of all the groups in terms of political appointments.

Photo: Upper Nile (Wikipedia)