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LATJOR - 11 Sep 2018

Latjor governor reshuffles cabinet

The governor of South Sudan’s Latjor State over the weekend issued gubernatorial decrees reshuffling his cabinet.

Governor Elijah Liech Bany appointed Simon Muoch Jundi as new minister of finance, Gatkuoth Biem minister of information, William Pur Tut minister of education and  Changkuoth Ruon Jal the new minister of health.

Liech also appointed Peter Keach Puoch Gaguang new minister of local government and community affairs, Nyaruach Pal as minister of rural development, Keach Puoch Mar minister of physical infrastructure,  

Nyanuer William Nyuon and Tombura Tut Jal were both appointed ministers of gender and social welfare and agriculture respectively.

Governor Liech was appointed Latjor State governor by a presidential decree last month.