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NASIR, Lajor State - 13 Jan 2017

Latjor governor appoints county commissioners

Peter Lam Buoth, governor of Latjor state in South Sudan has issued a gubernatorial order appointing new commissioners. The new commissionerships are as follows:

1. Nasir County (HQs Nasir) - John Jock Thoar

2. Ulang County (HQs Ulang) - Moses Ruon Wech

3. Maiwut County (HQs Maiwut) - Paul Biel Chuol

4. Longechuk County (HQs Mathiang) Dok Tuach Bithou

5. Thior County (HQs Yomding) - Gatkuoth Biem Nyoak

6. Thorow County - (HQs Mading) - John Wiyual Rutkoch

7. Malou County - (HQs Kieckuon) - Gatwech Jock Deng

8. Jekou County - (HQs Pagak) - Puok Thuch Deang

9. Kaijak County - (HQs Udier) Keach Pal Gach.