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RUMBEK NORTH - 11 Mar 2021

Lakes State sectional fighting leaves 10 dead, 9 injured

Authorities in Lakes State have confirmed that sectional clashes between the communities of the Pakam and Gok resulted in 10 killed and 9 wounded on Tuesday.

The clashes occurred in the Mabor cattle camp in Rumbek North County.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, the Executive Director of Cueibet County, Makuac Chol, said four people were killed and two wounded from the Gok community, and over 70 heads of cattle were raided while six people were killed and seven wounded from the Pakam community of Rumbek North County.

“They fought on Tuesday and finished it there in Mabor. The Pakam youth took more than 70 heads of cattle from the Gok. They might even be more because people are still reporting that their animals are missing,” Chol said. 

He said the security situation was calm as of Wednesday after Tuesday morning’s clashes.

Marial Machar Aweckoc, a Member of Parliament who also hails from Rumbek North County confirmed the clashes.

“Pakam and Gok armed youth met on a fishing ground in Mabor area and they began fighting which led to the death of two people on Monday and the following day both sides again mobilized themselves and the fighting resumed. But we don’t have the clear information after that fight and are waiting for that from the local administration,” Machar said.

The Member of Parliament representing Rumbek North County, Marik Nanga Marik, said he had heard of the clashes but had no details of what happened between the Gok and Pakam communities.

Makuer Dok, a youth activist in Rumbek North, condemned the fighting and blamed the deaths on senseless sectional strife. 

“There is no reason for one people who are in the same Lakes State, under one leader, to continue killing each other. Both Gok and Pakam are Dinka and they speak the same language and they are in the same state,” Dok said.