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KADUGLI - 16 Apr 2013

Kordofan rebels battle for Dandor garrison

Sudanese rebel group SPLM-N claims to be in control of the Dandor garrison near South Kordofan's capital following clashes on Monday morning. Four rebels and 15 government soldiers were reportedly killed in the battle.

Rebel spokesman Arnu Ngutulu Lodi said the garrison’s takeover comes “in retaliation to an attack launched by a government military convoy supported by aerial bombardment from inside Dandor … that targeted SPLA-N positions”.

As a result, rebel forces are said to have destroyed the convoy and chased it back into Dandor what resulted in its capture. “The enemy suffered heavy personnel and equipment casualties.”

Seven rebel troops were “lightly injured” and SPLA-N claims to have detained Private Abdalla Adam Rahma Abdelkarim, military ID number 917248 of the 12th division, from Sinkat, Gezira.

It also seized three trucks, three Korean-made jeeps mounted with Dushkas MG, in addition to mortars and several different types of ammunition.

Dandor is located 18 kilometers east of Kadugli, South Kordofan's capital. According to Lodi the garrison was captured after a 15-minute battle that began at 9:15am.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the spokesman warned that any attempt of Khartoum to continue attacking civilians by shelling or aerial bombardments will be "strongly responded to”, adding that Dandor should be a lesson to the government.

He said 250 households were displaced due to the battles and that “more people are expected to flee” if bombardments persist.

Lodi called upon humanitarian organizations to “urgently support the displaced”. He further called upon civilians to keep a safe distance from military camps so Khartoum does not use them as “human shields”.

File photo: SPLA-N offensive to Tolodi (Azhari Guda,