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JUBA - 4 Dec 2017

Kiir launches surveillance drones, CCTV cameras in Juba

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir on Monday launched surveillance drones and CCTV cameras in 11 locations in the capital Juba.

The project named ‘Smart City” was implemented by an Israeli company.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Kiir assured all residents of Juba that the city will be secure. “This is what I said in February 2016 in the parliament that Juba will be secure, and by introducing the program of Smart City, it will be safe for everyday residing in Juba or visiting Juba,” he said.

 “Everybody can be screened everywhere he or she is going. Those who snatch things from the woman on the streets can now be traced, so they cannot get away with their crime,” Kiir added.

"Right now we have 11 cameras around the city and the next stage we will have 150 cameras covering most parts of the city,” said Kfir Shilder, technological project manager.

The project manager further said out of five divisions, each will have one drone.