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KHARTOUM - 12 Nov 2017

Khartoum, Juba and Bangui to sign deal to combat illicit drugs

Sudan’s Interior Minister, Hamid Mannan, said his country will sign an agreement with South Sudan and Central African Republic to crackdown on drug gangs who are actively using the common borders for their business.

Addressing a number of police officers tasked with combating illicit drug gangs Tuesday after returning from Al-Radom area in Darfur, Minister Hamid said there is a need to find other means to get rid of illicit drugs in Sudan.

The official pointed out that illicit drugs market is booming and that it poses a threat to the country.

He revealed that the government plans to curb the cultivation of illicit drug crops in Al-Radom area of Darfur and change the lifestyle of the local population.