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KHARTOUM - 13 Sep 2017

Khartoum citizens complain of bread price increase

A number of bakeries in Khartoum and other towns have increased the prices of bread from 50 Sudanese piasters to 60 piasters, while others have resorted to reducing the size of the bread.

Bakery owners who spoke to Radio Tamazuj yesterday attributed the price increase to a decrease in the government subsidized flour distributed to traders from 15 to 5 sacks of flour, forcing many of the traders to buy flour from the market at high prices.

They said a sack of flour is now sold at 400 Sudanese Pounds.

Some citizens however accuse some traders of taking an advantage of the shortage to make profits. They said the traders receive the subsidized flour sold at 197 SDG and they sell it at 400SDG in the black market.