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EL-OBEID - 16 May 2013

Kadugli women detainees on hunger strike after detention extended

18 South Kordofan women currently imprisoned in El-Obeid went on hunger strike on Monday after it was announced that their detention had been extended by a further 6 months.

Their lawyer, Osman Hassan, confirmed that he has been notified of the extension from the 13 May to November, an additional six months.

“Due to condemnation of the decision of renewing the detention of the inmates, they decided to engage in a hunger strike since the day before yesterday (Monday),” Hassan disclosed.

Security services arrested the women last year for allegedly “collaborating” with Sudanese rebel group, the SPLM-N. However, 14 from the same group were released late last month and it had been reported that the remaining 18 expected to be released soon.

A local organisation known as ‘human rights and development’ appealed to local authorities for the women to be released or tried. None have been put on trial so far although the 14 were eventually acquitted of ‘criminal’ charges.

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