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KHARTOUM - 6 Jun 2013

Journalist arrested for report of SAF defeat at Abu Karshola

The Sudanese security authorities on Tuesday arrested journalist Khaled Ahmed, who works for Al Sudani, an independent newspaper published in Khartoum.

Ahmed was one of the journalists who accompanied Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) Chief of Staff General Ismat Abdul Rahman during his visit to Abu Karshola.

Sources from Khartoum say that the arrest came after the prosecution informed the journalist Ahmed of arrest warrant issued against him. A case was filed at the Court by SAF officials about the report he filed during his visit to Abu Karshola.

The Abu Karshola area witnessed a bloody fighting between the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) and the SAF. Initially, the SRF took control of the area before withdrawing. The area was then re-occupied by the SAF.

Following the action, Abu Karshola also saw the mass arrest of civilians by the SAF. It was reported that they accused those who did not flee the hostilities to areas under the government control of collaborating with the rebels.