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BOR - 15 Sep 2016

Jonglei governor appoints 14 county commissioners

Philip Aguer Panynag ,governor of Jonglei State has on Thursday issued several local orders, some of which relieved county commissioners of former Jonglei State and appointed new officials into offices, ending months of uncertainty over the status of the counties he created. Governor Aguer, according to gubernatorial decree No 19/2016 for the appointment of 14 new county commissioners to Jonglei state new counties including county name and headquarters Below are names in full appointed officials against county headquarters 1. Deng Mabior Deng Bor, South County, Chuikeer 2. Majier Alier Bor Gok, Kolnyang county, Kolnynag 3. Mading Akol Biar, Bor East County, Anyidi 4. Nhial Awan Deng, Anyidi, Makuach Makuach 5. Deng Garang Deng, Bor Central County, Makuach 6. Simon Thon Ayuen, Bor West County, Baidit 7. Kuot Jok Lual, Athooch County, Jalle 8. Luis Garang Apiu, Bor North County, Jalle 9. Deng Mabany Kuot, Twic North County, Panyagoor 10. Dau Akoi Jurkuch, Twic Central County, Wangulei 11. Daniel Deng Manyok, Twic South County, Adubaar 12. Deng Achiek Jok, Duk Payuel County, Payuel 13. Michael Malual Wuor, Duk Padiet County, Padiet 14. Peter Latjor Chol, Duk Panyang County, Pajut a separate saw the appointment of deputy town Mayors the new officials include Abraham Ayom Ajith as Deputy mayor for land and survey with Machar Machol Deng as Deputy mayor for admin and Finance and Deng Garang Thuch as Deputy Mayor for public utilities and sanitation. The deputy chairperson of peace commission and reconciliation was relieved from his position and appointed the new commissioner of Bor West County.