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WAU - 19 Sep 2023

Joint Transitional Security Committee arrives in Wau for deployment of unified forces

A joint Transitional Security Committee in Wau. (Photo: Radio Tamazuj)
A joint Transitional Security Committee in Wau. (Photo: Radio Tamazuj)

A joint Transitional Security Committee headed by Major General Michael Mujur Aler on Monday arrived in Wau in Western Bahr el Ghazal State to start verification ahead of the long-awaited final deployment of the unified forces.

The committee is comprised of generals from the organized forces who will take the lead in the verification of troops in Masana Biira while the military verification team will travel to Mapel Military Barracks and Pantit Barracks.

Addressing a press after they arrived at the State Council of Ministers offices in Wau on Monday morning, Maj. Gen. Aler said they will verify and deploy the unified forces in the greater Bahr el Ghazal region.

“We have come for verification and the deployment of the unified forces in greater Bahr el Ghazal to their work stations under the unified government. We will start by organizing forces at all training centers, then move to the organized forces in Masana Biira, Mapel, and Pantit,” he said. “Our team will be divided into three groups and work with the forces assembled in their respective places so the deployment takes place within 14 days. After two weeks, the military council will come and deploy the forces in accordance to their units.”

“The food for the forces has already arrived in Wau and it is currently in the stores and we will start sending food to all training centers tomorrow (Tuesday),” Gen. Aler added.

For his part, the state Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Julius Bensensio, called on the forces to report to their centers.

“Let us put our hands together with the Joint Transitional Security Committee to ensure that those who were at the training centers have to report back so that they can be deployed,” he said. “The period given for this operation is very limited, it is only 14 days. Let us hope that within these days, all the forces turn up.”