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CUEIBET - 1 Nov 2016

Immunity lifted from Gok official to attend court hearing over escape of son

The immunity of the Commissioner for Gok State Headquarters James Aguer Dut has been lifted by the Acting Governor of Gok state Kangoor Deng Kangor on Monday this week in order to attend a court hearing at the state high court in Cueibet. 

The Acting Governor of Gok State Kangor Deng Kangor pointed out that the immunity of the commissioner of the state headquarters was lifted by his office on Monday to face the accusation leveled against him that he was behind the escaping of his son, Dut James Aguer who had killed a person last year and got arrested in Cueibet main prison without trial.

Early last week, President of the Gok State High Court Judge Bol Ayuel Kur wrote a letter to the Deputy Governor of Gok requesting him to lift the immunity of the commissioner of the state headquarters to come for investigation. 

The letter reads, “In accordance with the powers vested upon me under Article 99 (2) H of the Transitional Constitution of Gok State 2016, I, Ustaz Kangor Deng Kangor, the Deputy Governor of Gok State, do hereby ordering the lifting of immunity for the commissioner of state Headquarters to attend court hearing until the court declare him again not guilty, this is where he will resume his duties as normal, but if he found to be guilty, he will be relieved from his position.” 

For his part, the Commissioner of the State Headquarters James Aguer Dut confirmed to Radio Tamazuj that he was served with the letter that lifted his immunity to attend the case of his son who escaped himself from the prison last month. James denied any link with the administration of prison and police to allow his son to escape without court trial.

The officer in charge of the prison has yet to clarify to media why the jailed Dut Aguer Dut escaped without their attention.