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AWEIL - 26 Nov 2012

Hundreds of civilians from Kiir Adem displaced

Hundreds of civilians in the contested area of Kiir Adem have fled following Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) aerial bombardments last week which killed six civilians and injured many others.

Speaking to Radio Tamzuj , an eyewitness from the area said that many people have fled their homes in the area.

“People are moving out of Kiir Adem, afraid of renewed aerial raids by SAF” claimed the eyewitness.

He added that many were fleeing to Gok-Machar and others scattered to rustic Chamlel where there are already large numbers of displaced people living in an open area next to the river.

The new arrivals are reported to living in difficult conditions with a shortage of food, medicine and shelter.

The bombings of Kiir Adem follow an agreement signed by both Sudan and South Sudan in September where it was agreed that they would demilitarize this border region.

Authorities in South Sudan have claimed that these attacks were on South Sudanese soil and therefore a violation of this agreement. SAF has claimed that it was targeting the Sudanese rebel coalition, Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) and that the attacks actually took place in Darfur.

Reports indicate that those killed were in fact civilians and included women and children.