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High food prices in Misseriya sector

Citizens in Babanusa and Meiram in the western sector of South Kordofan state face high prices of foodstuffs, according to sources at the markets. A sack of millet flour (about 50 kg) is 450 pounds, a sack of sorghum flour is 300 pounds and a sack of sugar is 300 pounds. Cooking oil now costs 200 pounds per jerrycan and onions are 350 per sack. For a kilo of mutton the price is 35 pounds and beef is 30 pounds.   

In a related report, the border town of Kosti to the east has seen a surge in the price of sheep ahead of the Eid holiday, during which a sheep is normally slaughtered. Livestock dealers told Radio Tamazuj that lamb prices range between 550 and 650 pounds while a sheep costs 900 to 960. Traders blamed various taxes and fees for rising prices. They called on the competent authorities to lift the fees.

Photo by Radio Tamazuj: Sudanese ful dish.