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BOR - 5 Jun 2020

Heavy floods hit Bor town

Thousands of people have been displaced by floods from torrential rains in the town of Bor in Jonglei State, a local leader disclosed.

John Makuei, the chief of Achiendiir area, said Achengdiir, Malou, Hai Muchuor, Dhiamdhiam and parts of Referendum were worst hit.

“54, 000 people have been affected in my area. People have now shifted to higher grounds and schools like Malek Secondary School. We lack food, shelters and clean drinking water,” he explained.

Makuei warned of the possible outbreak of waterborne diseases as the locals rely on contaminated water.

Mary Ajulu, a resident of Referendum area, urged the government to open waterways to help civilians whose houses were submerged.

“For us here, sleeping has become difficult. Everywhere is wet and cooking is difficult. We want support from the government,” she said.

James Malou, a resident of Malou area, said getting to his work place has been difficult as floods disrupted public transport in Bor.

The acting town mayor, Paul Monykuer said more than 5,000 households were affected by floods in parts of Bor and blamed the floods on weeks of heavy rains and overflow of the Nile River.

He said waterways are being opened to reduce the overflow of water.

Experts have warned that regional countries, including South Sudan, will be hard-hit by floods between June and December.