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ADILA - 23 Mar 2014

Gunfight near oil field on Darfur-Kordofan border

An army soldier was killed and another wounded in an attack by militiamen in an oil field area in East Darfur.

"Janjaweed on camels and horses opened fire on a group of Sudanese soldiers who had approached Um Haraz oil field in East Darfur, 48km south of Adila town,” a witness told Radio Dabanga.

He explained that the soldiers were coming from the Belila oil field in West Kordofan. One soldier died and another was injured in the clash.

Last week clashes elsewhere in East Darfur erupted between Rizeigat and Ma’aliya tribesmen, killing at least 17.

A witness reported that Rizeigat tribesmen attacked a Ma’aliya herder in the area of El Sahab, 40km northwest of Abu Karinka town. They shot him dead, as well as one of his camels, and stole another camel.

The Ma’aliya formed a rescue team and went after the attackers. In the ensuing clash 13 men of the Rizeigat were killed and others were wounded. Of the Ma’aliya rescue team four were killed and four were wounded.

Photo: Defected ‘janjaweed’ militia in 2008 (Andrew Carter)