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Pibor - 3 May 2022

GPAA officials dismiss calls for Kachipo community exit

Officials in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) have dismissed calls by some members of the Kachipo community for a separate administrative area over alleged marginalization and said the issue can be resolved through dialogue.

Last week the Kachipo community said they wanted to exit the GPAA for a separate administrative area over rising inter-communal violence, child abductions, land grabbing, and marginalization. 

The political advisor in the GPAA, Korok Logelo, rubbished claims of marginalization and said the Kachipo have members in the area’s administration.

“We have members of Kachipo in the GPAA government. There is nothing like marginalization. Again, this group calling for a separate administrative area is not here in the county,” Logelo told Radio Tamazuj over the weekend.

He urged the disaffected members of the Kachipo community who are demanding a separate administrative area to seek dialogue.

“Jebel Boma is cut off from services like roads, hospitals, and schools. We have to address these to even the national government if they cannot be handled here,” Logelo said.

Minalen Ngakutul, a Kachipo elder and administrator in Jebel Boma County, said he was not aware of any meeting that was convened and resolved to demand a separate administrative area.  

“As a (Kachipo) community, there was no meeting held calling for a separate administrative area. Simon Barchamo left us a long time ago. He speaks for himself, not the community,” Ngakutul said.

Last month, members of the Pochalla Anyuak community demanded to exit GPAA, a call Lokali Amae, the area’s chief administrator, said was initiated by power-hungry politicians.