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TORIT - 13 Feb 2021

Governor Lobong orders implementation of Covid-19 measures

Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore at his office in Torit. [Radio Tamazuj]
Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore at his office in Torit. [Radio Tamazuj]

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State Louis Lobong Lojore on Friday issued directives to all the organized forces in his state to implement recently imposed Covid-19 preventive measures, after noticing that citizens went about their businesses normally.

On February 3, the National National Taskforce on Covid-19 announced the imposition of strict Covid-19 preventive measures in the wake of a recent surge of cases reported across the country. The measures included a ban on all sporting, religious and political events including Sunday services, Friday prayers for Muslims, funerals, and wedding ceremonies. 

Governor Lobong tasked the security organs with the implementation of these measures.

“All government institutions security organs must implement the order accordingly. I want to make it very clear to the people and civil societies of Eastern Equatoria. A small meeting is allowed, small number maybe 3 to 4 provided that they follow the social distancing, the protocol of two meters and wearing masks, the office routines continue with the minimum number of people,”, he directed. 

“There have been questions raised by communities, civil societies in Eastern Equatoria that they are waiting for the directives from the states, ours is only to implement the directives and everybody must implement the directives. Therefore I am informing all citizens of Eastern Equatoria, civil societies, government institutions to abide by the partial lockdown accordingly,” he added. 

The Covid-19 taskforce also ordered the closure of all learning institutions say for candidate classes and called for strict adherence to wearing facemasks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently cleaning of hands or sanitizing.

The governor however did not clarify what would happen if one was caught violating the measures.

Governor Lobong further said the security situation had normalized after tireless efforts by the government, civil society groups, and traditional leaders, following weeks of cattle theft, revenge killings, communal fights, highway robberies in November and December last year.