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AWEIL - 11 Jan 2013

Fuel prices stabilize in N. Bahr al-Ghazal

Markets in Northern Bahr al-Ghazal state have experienced dropping prices of fuel and most consumer goods as imports have resumed from north Sudan.

Deng Garang Deng, the head of the state commerce chamber told Radio Tamazuj from Aweil that the improvement in commodities prices was due to the opening of the routes linking the state with East Darfur and West Kordofan.

He said motorbikes arrive daily with goods. "We received more than ten motorbikes with some goods which come from Meiram in South Kordufan region to Majook Nyithiou Payam at the border and this could be a reason of prices dropping in the state.”

He added that fuel prices were high in the past but now decreased as the price of one jerrycan of 20 liters dropping from 200 to 140 South Sudanese pounds.

Prices of sugar also decreased from 400 pounds to 310 pounds for a 50 kg bag. A 50 kg bag of maize flour dropped from 340 to 280 pounds.

But the traders are complaining that they are being highly taxed by the state government and this makes them to sell at high prices.

The state chamber of commerce deputy chairperson Anuai Mou Akoon said that they held a meeting with traders last month on many issues where terms of selling was one of them. He said the traders agreed to sell their goods at affordable prices despite heavy taxes being imposed on them. 

Deng also urged the public to take up agricultural livelihoods rather than focusing on the government services only.

He added that there will be a trade seed conference to be conducted in the state and the neighboring traders will be invited to attend.