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WESTERN LAKES - 6 Feb 2018

Former Bahr Naam county commissioner welcomes removal

Samuel Taban Mayom, former commissioner of Western Bahr Naam County in South Sudan’s Western Lakes State has welcomed his removal from the position, pledging his readiness to work his successor.

 “Yes, I am not longer the county commissioner. I have been replaced. There is a new county commissioner. Comrade Mading Gak is the new commissioner. He was appointed last week by the order of the governor which I welcomed and I congratulated him for winning the trust of his Excellency, governor of Western Lakes, Major General Matur Chut Dhuol”, said Samuel.

The Governor of Western Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol, according to the order released to the public on Thursday, sacked two county commissioners, including Alor County commissioner, John Biliu Awuol.

Samuel Taban Mayom, commissioner of Western Bahr Naam County himself was affected.  Manyiel Mabor was appointed as the new Alor county Commissioner of Alor replacing John Biliu Awuol

No reasons were given for changes after the return of the state governor from his foreign trip.