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AKOBO - 25 Oct 2012

Firefight near village in Akobo County

At least four people are reported injured in an attack at Walgak village of Niew-Niew in Akobo county Wednesday evening by suspected Murle raiders, reports Radio Jonglei FM.

According to sources contacted by Radio Jonglei, the attackers shot four men who hade gone hunting. The attackers shot the men and chased them toward Walgak village. There they were repulsed by SPLA troops.

In another development in Jonglei state, SPLM official Buoth Chuol has criticized the Pochalla commissioner for arresting the county SPLM secretary Denis Olok Akinai. He said that the secretary has been wrongly accused and suggested that the commissioner could be called before the party and the government to face penalties.