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BOR - 9 Apr 2021

Eye surgeries underway in Bor

Patients waiting to be treated in Bor. [Photo: Radio Tamazuj]
Patients waiting to be treated in Bor. [Photo: Radio Tamazuj]

An eye medical camp targeting about 300 cataract and trachoma patients is underway in the Jonglei State capital, Bor. 

The program started on Tuesday and is expected to continue until April 17. 

Partners in Compassionate Care (PCC), a United States-based organization, is sponsoring the medical camp at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bor. 

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Dr. Santino Malang, an eye surgeon, and PCC’s program manager said the camp targets to screen and treat about 300 patients with cataracts, trachoma, and other eye conditions. 

“Here, we have some trachoma cases, cataract cases, glaucoma cases, and other conditions. Yesterday, we operated on about 16 patients so far. And today (Thursday), we have a list of about 19 patients,” Dr. Malang said.

The medical doctor emphasized the importance of sight and urged all those feeling unwell to seek help at the facility. 

“What will run until April 17 is eye camp, but this eye unit will remain operational at the Memorial Christian Hospital. We have opened officially. So any time you are sick, you just come,” he added. 

A patient, Thony Ayuel, could not hide her happiness when she regained her sight following an operation. 

“Previously, it was too dark for me to see. Now, I can see. I am thankful to these people. The advice I was given was that I should not walk in the sun, or do heavy work and that I should keep eye hygiene,” she said. 

Another patient, Garang Pac, appreciated the camp and said that he is hopeful as he awaits medical attention. 

Ajak Jongkuc, the PCC executive director, said they have been running eye camps in Bor for years after being alarmed by a number of the blind with treatable eye conditions. He said he is happy that they had established a permanent eye clinic to provide services to the locals.