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GAMBELLA - 3 Jan 2018

Ethiopian authorities arrest 14 South Sudanese refugees in Gambella

Photo: Gambela in Ethiopia (retrieved from Google maps)
Photo: Gambela in Ethiopia (retrieved from Google maps)

14 South Sudanese refugees at Dima camp in the Gambella region of Ethiopia were arrested by police authorities on Monday after they allegedly broke into a school run by the Administration for Refugees Affairs (ARA) recently.

Simon Kuju, a youth leader at Dima camp, told Radio Tamazuj that 14 South Sudanese youth were arrested by Ethiopian police for allegedly stealing school items following fighting in the camp recently.

“When we asked the Ethiopian authorities to explain the reason for arresting those people, they said they have stolen some school items after the recent fighting in the camp,”Kuju said.

Andrew Kaka, chairman of Zone B at Dima camp, confirmed that 14 South Sudanese refugees had been arrested for allegedly stealing school items.

He pointed out that the Administration for Refugees Affairs (ARA) had assured them that those who will be found innocent during investigations will be released.

Ethiopian officials could not immediately be reached for commment.

On 24 December 2017, unknown gunmen killed eight South Sudanese refugees, including women and children at Dima camp.