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TORIT - 10 Jun 2021

Eastern Equatoria receives 1,400 Covid-19 vaccines

The ministry of health in Eastern Equatoria state says it received 1,400 doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday we received coronavirus vaccine at Torit airstrip in the presence of the minister of health and now we have put in the cold chain. They brought 1,400 vaccines for Torit, 700 in Ikotos, and 700 in St Theresa in Isohe. The one of Nimule will be taken directly from Juba to Nimule the same to Kapoeta, they will not come through Torit,” Edin Concord Erib, the state director-general of health announced.

Concord says the vaccination exercise may begin next week and urged people to show up for the vaccinations which he says is safe. He added that frontline workers, the elderly, and people with underlying conditions will be given priority.

"We are asking people not to fear there is no company that makes drugs to kill people it is brought to prevent people from the virus, number two it has no effects," he added.

The state health minister Patrick Lodinga Kotein says they will embark on an awareness program to sensitize the community on the importance of taking vaccines.

“People here have negative reactions towards this vaccine but through awareness, I think they will get convinced that the vaccines are good for their health and of course it is not only brought to South Sudan or Eastern Equatoria state alone," he added.

Ariak Peter, a resident of Nimule says he is ready to take the jab but fears many people may refuse the vaccines. “They are thinking that the drug is for trial and that this is the drug which is used mainly for Africans to reduce our population."

Taban Simon David, a resident in Torit town believes the vaccine is safe. “I know this drug is already tested for safety by the World Health Organization."